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Welcome to Doncaster Rovers Soccer Club

Doncaster Rovers Soccer Club primary objective is to create a safe, supportive and fun-filled learning environment that fosters the development of football skills and where each participant strengthens their love of the game. Our club’s endeavours are to challenge, inspire and motivate children of all ages and gender to engage with the core skills of football, and to help all our young players realise their sporting potential in an enjoyable atmosphere.

We strongly advocate the need to understand and advance the maturity of young players through the development of age-appropriate curricula that are designed to ensure all children receive a high level of coaching in the technical, tactical, physical, social and psychological dimensions of football.

At Doncaster Rovers Soccer Club we strive to create opportunities that allow the natural creativity and individual flair of our young players to flourish in conjunction with an understanding of the importance of teamwork, spirit and fair play.

We are committed to engaging with the local community so as to raise the game’s profile as well as providing specially structured programs that accommodate young people regardless of gender, cultural background and physical/mental ability.

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